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I'm trying to find arguments supporting the advantages of accessing information only at specific places as opposed to being able to access this information anywhere, for example using smartphones.

I'm thinking of using something like facilitating memory through spatial cues, or mnemonic strategies such as “the memory palace”, or some interaction with habits that you can associate with being in a specific place and that habit can help to assimilate or appreciate the information.

Does anybody know of some arguments for this? or Does anybody know of some study that compares these two forms of accessing information?

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It sounds like you're looking for research on context-dependent memory and the mnemonic method of loci. Is there anything specific you want to know that isn't already available on on these Wikipedia pages? –  Nick Stauner Mar 18 at 19:19
Thanks for your comments. I think I'm trying to find some advantage more in terms of habits or rituals rather than in memory. Basically, I'm speculating about a smartphone app that is a kind of note taking app but you can only see the notes in some places of your choice. The first thought is that I'm constraining the functionally with respect to checking the notes anywhere and that's a worse app, but I'm wondering if there would be any advantages to this approach in some situation. –  martinako Mar 18 at 20:23
My thinking is that recording notes (aka "knowledge in the world") has little value if you have to be in a certain location to recall. Perhaps the act of recording the note could reinforce the memory enough to make the note unnecessary afterward. It would make for an interesting study, one which I'm sure has not been done before. –  rmayer06 Mar 20 at 11:16
Thanks. My thoughts are related to one guy I met once that was into sales, and to keep his motivation high he would have "rituals". Like once he make a sale would go to a corner of the office an ring a bell. Or he had an abacus in another corner, and he would go to the abacus imagine a feeling of success and move one of the beads in the abacus. So, for these two examples the location was important, if he didn't walk to the bell and ring it the effect wouldn't be the same. Imagine you had a list of positive affirmations that you can only read when you are in your power circle... –  martinako Mar 20 at 17:04
I know it sound newage, but I still believe there is a power in these funny rituals. I think there is no mobile app for this :-) –  martinako Mar 20 at 17:07

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