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For split brain patients, usually only the left brain is capable of language and thus deep communication is done only with that part. However, some split brain patients have a more or less language capable right brain. I know they have been performed many simple experiments to them, but I have never read if anybody tried to find out if the right brain also has a separate consciousness and qualia by asking more direct questions (well, assuming that answering those questions tell something about consciousness)

UPDATE: There is an ongoing debate about if split brain patients have split consciousness (by that I mean what philosophers call qualia), and most arguments are that the non-language halve, usually the right hemisphere, is not conscious. I know the number of experiments on the standard right-brain it limited because of language issues, but also know there are a couple of cases where this half seems to understand language quite a bit. I wonder what kind of experiments (if any) have been performed with these few patients to have any glimpse about the answer to the original question (that is, if both halves could have independent qualia)

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Can you clarify your question a bit, the wording is a bit confusing. –  Chuck Sherrington Mar 10 '14 at 21:59

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