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Is there a correlation between mental disorders and mental rigidity?

I would suspect that people that have very strong beliefs and never question them might become dysfunctional if the beliefs are disfunctional.

Is that correct?

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Do you mean to say that you're not interested in ego-syntonic disorders or disorders that affect personality but are caused by other factors (e.g., genetic diseases, brain damage)? Many of these relate to cognitive rigidity as well. +1 BTW! (And boo @ whoever downvoted without commenting!) –  Nick Stauner Feb 25 at 18:33
@NickStauner: I'm not very skilled, I'm very interested in understanding if cognitive rigidity can lead to OCD, anxious problems and so on.. ps: thanks! I share your idea for who downvotes without comments! –  Revious Feb 25 at 21:09
Interesting question- have you tried doing any library searches of academic material on the subject? What, if anything, did you see there? –  rmayer06 Feb 28 at 21:39
@rmayer06: No.. I don't know where to search.. –  Revious Feb 28 at 21:44
If you are in school, I would start with the library (for example, lib.iastate.edu has a search right on the front page that will at a minimum return abstracts). Otherwise I've found google scholar to be helpful (but not as good as a library search) –  rmayer06 Feb 28 at 21:55

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