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The Blue Brain project led by Henry Markram focused on simulating cortical columns under the idea they form basic processing units of the brain/cognitive function.

What does a cortical column do?

I am looking for (synopses) of mathematical, conceptual, & scientific models. What is a leading theory, what is the evidence for it, etc?

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Vernon Mountcastle was instrumental in the discovery of the cortical column. I will elaborate a bit more later, but some of his older papers are probably freely available online. –  Chuck Sherrington Feb 13 at 23:47
How about starting with en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cortical_column ? –  H.Muster Feb 14 at 7:44
@H.Muster I was actually going to make the same comment, but I was surprised by how uninformative that wikipedia article and the discussion here were. In general, a quick Google search doesn't reveal an obvious definitive resource, either. Hence, it might be good to provide a canonical answer here if jonsca has time. Of course, I do wish that the OP would focus the question more, since it is pretty vague. –  Artem Kaznatcheev Feb 14 at 17:35
Here's an example of a much better focused question on bio.SE. –  Artem Kaznatcheev Feb 14 at 17:38
the other question seems to be focused on mere anatomy –  vzn Feb 14 at 17:58
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