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If a man who is married or in a long term relationship wants to have sexual relationships with other women, is this pathological, deviant, maybe even a disorder? Or is it part of normal and healthy male sexuality?

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wonder what types of answers you would get if you asked this question in the 60's and 70's (swingers). –  Greg McNulty Feb 9 at 8:41
@GregMcNulty swinging is actually more popular now –  caseyr547 Feb 9 at 19:53

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Usually food is related to sex. And people may say that because men eat different food, men must need to have sex with different women. Well, one usually need sex to go hand-in-hand with an emotional connection.

I just finished watching Raw Faith. And it taught me that one needs sexual attraction as well as emotional attraction. That can be very well be satisfied with one person. If your spouse is not feeding your both sexually and emotionally then that is a problem in itself. Which may cause for an outlet. It seems natural. But it can be worked out with your spouse.

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aaron your new here...this needs citations...i dont agree with it at all so i'm not one to suggest a citation but you can find something with google. –  caseyr547 Feb 9 at 19:56

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