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Background: A friend described consistent feelings and themes during a dream. It is my understanding that the contents of our dreams are our subconscious/unconscious/preconscious processing stimuli from the day or our general state of mind. Most of which research I've found relates back to Freud and his off incorrect psychoanalysis.

I can more easily relate to Domhoff's research into dreams as a reflection of schemas. It seems scientifically valid.

What is the overall view of the reliability of dream interpretation as described by Domhoff?


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I agree with @NickStauner that this is a duplicate. Also, please use the scientific unconscious or preconscious instead of the vernacular subconscious. –  Artem Kaznatcheev Jan 27 at 7:05
@ArtemKaznatcheev that's not a link to meta. please don't make up rules without consulting the community. –  caseyr547 Jan 27 at 7:20
@caseyr547 I didn't make up rules, I asked you to be scientific on a science site and linked you to an explanation of why subconscious is not used in scientific discussions. –  Artem Kaznatcheev Jan 27 at 7:23
I can see the argument for it being a duplicate of the general question about the current science on the theory of dreams. But the question seems to focus on a particular theory of dream interpretation that has been published relatively recently in a reputable journal. So I'm inclined to see it as a new question, or at least a more specific variant on the general question. –  Jeromy Anglim Jan 27 at 13:05

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