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Are there online platforms for running inhibition of return experiments? I want to analyze different cultural groups and an online platform would be the only way to do so.

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Thank you, Jeromy, for improving my question. –  Dana Sugu Jan 24 at 5:46
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Yes your experiment is possible. If all you need is the cued and uncued times its easy. Users can run an online applet demo provided by psytoolkit. You can embed the applet in a survey where users can record their times. For more in detail data analysis I recommend that you roll your own based on psytoolkits model. Given how simple the experiment is even starting from scratch should be easy for a computer science undergrad with some experience in .net or another web language.

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Thank you. I am trying now to understand how it works and hopefully I could make something on my own as I need more than cued/uncued times. 'Given how simple the experiment is' is not how I think about this. :) –  Dana Sugu Jan 28 at 6:39
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I've done quite a lot of work on running experiments online over the last while, and have put together some of the code I've found useful in a project tentatively titled PsychScript.

You will still need to actually program the experiment yourself in JavaScript, but with PsychScript you can do this by modifying a template and changing things around a little, rather than working from scratch.

Hope thing helps!

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Thank you for answering. I have to see whether or not I am able to modify the template. I have seen the OpenSesame Mobile (Beta) app and run it. I wish I could run my experiment online. –  Dana Sugu Feb 1 at 3:40
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