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are there any limits on trauma I want to know how resilient the human mind is and what are the limits to trauma. Can we ever be "truly broken". Trying to see how our brains react to different trauma, can we develop indomitable willpower.

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Psychological trauma comes in different shapes forms and packages. There exist no person who is so mentally sound as to not have a breaking point. There are strategies on becoming mentally capable against certain kinds of psychological stress like torture and interrogation resistant training. Those do not prepare for the psychological stresses of relationships and active normal life (microstressors).

Psychology and behavior modification help people to express their feelings so as not to become burdened by the past or emotionally bottle necked. It helps people deal with their stressors in a healthy way.

In general the diathesis-stress model says that when people reach their breaking point of stress they become mentally ill. The illness may be directly triggered by the trauma (as a Conditioned Response) or simply be whatever way they have a biological disposition.

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