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I assume that sociopaths lack feeling or conscious. How would a sociopath experience being raped or abused? Would they find it any less traumatic than a person who was not a sociopath?

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There is no reason to -1 this question. –  caseyr547 Jan 14 at 18:29
The first sentence is somewhat false. If read as literal and absolute, it is untrue of psychopaths, let alone sociopaths if they are defined differently. Wikipedia offers one possible definition that distinguishes sociopathy from psychopathy in a way that would make sociopaths even more likely to experience feelings and conscious[ness?] more or less normally. –  Nick Stauner Jan 14 at 23:36
Was false :) Nice edit @JeromyAnglim! I feel like that strategy would work in very many cases like this...maybe a prospect worth raising in a meta-question! –  Nick Stauner Jan 16 at 4:25
@Nick yes, I think users should feel free to apply the "I assume" edit to debatable assumptions. –  Jeromy Anglim Jan 16 at 4:55
I'm happy to agree on that conclusion without meta-discussion, but what about debatable assumptions in answers...? I'm sure you can guess why I ask... –  Nick Stauner Jan 16 at 7:32

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Sociopaths and Psychopaths are actually defined differently by the DSM-5. For practical understanding, we'll go with the simplest description of the two disorders for simplistic understand: A sociopath is someone who will harm others without regard so long as the outcome is to their desires, they serve themselves and will manipulate others to satisfy their own goals, and tend to be more introspective or alone, rather than commit to something such a relationship or other than a professional one. As for feelings, the closest a diagnosed individual with Sociopathy, or also known as Anti-Social Personality Disorder, is a marked negligence in financial obligations, or failure to adhere to them. In many ways, the Anti-Social Personality Disorder individual is much like the lone alpha wolf, who seeks really only to serve themselves in whatever capacity they can.

The DSM-5 classifies psychopaths as being able to feel, but only for themselves; their Modus Operandi is incredibly extreme, ranging from extreme highs to extreme lows, with an almost like inner monster compelling them to perform certain acts. Psychosis can come in a varying matter of degrees, and while they do feel, the primary feelings that most Psychotics will feel is rage or depression, and it is often rare when they feel the middle ground as it were.

Now to answer your question on how a sociopath would feel about being raped: It's unlikely they would report it. Statistically speaking, reports of rape are hard to garner due to society rammifications and how judgement will be pressured onto the individual. Add to that a mental disorder, and the individual, despite not caring, will still adapt and try to keep such a private and violating experience to themselves. Further, they will likely seek out revenge beyond the justice system, and likely engage in deviant behavior, as was displayed by the College study done in 1972.

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People with Antisocial personality disorder do have feelings and some do have a moral conscious. They respond differently to traumatizing situations based on their type and severity of the disorder. The malevolent type would definitely have a desire and so fantasize to harm or kill the person who traumatized them. They may also like many normal people do repress the traumatizing memory and lie when confronted with the memory. Or become more ASPD and possibly even commit atrocities.

While the women in the following were not diagnosed with ASPD they had something similar so their actions can be taken into consideration:

This study is derived from in-depth interviews with 20 wives or girlfriends of sexually sadistic males. The study was designed to explore the sexual preferences of sexually sadistic males in terms of their consensual sexual relationships and to examine the dynamics by which they introduce their partners into extreme and, at times, murderous forms of behavior. Previous research has demonstrated that although sexually sadistic criminals are often forthcoming about their criminal and murderous behavior, they become misleading and vague when describing the sexual fantasy and pattern of arousal that underlie these activities. The search for secondary sources of information, such as diaries, manuscripts, videos, and photographs, that might further illustrate these preferences and fantasies resulted in the interviews summarized in this paper. These women report early life experiences that were characterized by physical abuse and incestuous relationships within their families. However, they attained relatively stable and normal lifestyles before meeting and becoming involved with a sexually sadistic male. Once immersed in a relationship with these sadistic men, the lives of these women changed radically and, in some instances, they voluntarily entered into dangerous forms of sexuality and criminal behavior. In describing these experiences, the authors highlight the relational context of these behaviors in which the sadistic fantasy of the male becomes an organizing principal in the behavior of the woman. They also emphasize the importance of forensic evaluator and law enforcement pursuing this type of information when attempting to describe and understand the criminal behavior of a sexually sadistic offender.

-Relational Patterns Associated with Sexual Sadism: A Study of 20 Wives and Girlfriends

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What is your answered based on? Hunches? You provide no sources, and the two wikipedia links you give don't state what you are saying (although they also don't state the opposite, they simply don't address the topic). You have been giving a lot of answers like this all over the site... –  Artem Kaznatcheev Jan 14 at 18:30
@ArtemKaznatcheev i added a link to make you feel better. –  caseyr547 Jan 14 at 18:36
I appreciate your enthusiasm for the site, but we are trying to keep this site scientific, not opinion-based. Can you please refrain from firing off quick answers to questions you don't have expertise on or supporting scientific evidence for? The new link you added is just some person's opinion, it even says: "I would imagine that there would be a certain indignant detachment for the female sociopath that an empath wouldn't feel." (emphasis mine) and then goes on to discuss a fictional work. –  Artem Kaznatcheev Jan 14 at 18:41
@ArtemKaznatcheev its not an opinion that those with the malevolent type of aspd would want to kill or harm with little reason. Moreover it is also not an option that aspd do fall in love and that they are motivated by power in those relationships seeking to dominate and sometimes be dominated. –  caseyr547 Jan 14 at 18:45

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