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I have seen some ladies who had presented their presention, they often cross their leg (Please take a look at the picture).
My question is:

  • What personality does it say?
  • What kind of feeling does it say from a lady?

enter image description here

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It could just be a posture thing and not have any intrinsic sociological/psychological meaning. If you stand for very long (as in giving lectures) you will adopt several different postures that relax different muscles to give different sets of muscles a break. Crossing allows you to reinforce one leg with the other, too, distributing the load. –  Keegan Keplinger Jan 4 at 15:00
Did you do any research? What did you find? Where was what you found lacking? –  AsheeshR Jan 4 at 15:56
When they speak, they are often calm down. –  Gamer Jan 4 at 16:12

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