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There is a lot of research citing that men are more physically primed for sex than women. The following article discusses this difference and other differences of strength and vulnerabilities between the sexes.

The clinical correlate of the neurobiological condition is that men have a stronger, more biologically and genitally focused sexual drive, expressed more as lust (7). Women tend to have a romantically driven sexual drive with a more relational expression and emphasis on intimacy (6,7). Women have a stronger oestrogen priming of two other basic emotions command systems, the fear- anxiety and the panic with separation-distress, which contribute to and modulate their parenting abilities and social bonding skills (2,19). The gender-based different biological modulation of seeking pathways in men and women may be an important contributor to different desire vulnerability in the sexes, both in the early phases of a relationship and later stages of a long-term relationship (34,35).

Similarities and differences between female and male sexual functions and dysfunctions

Alessandra Graziottin Centre of Gynaecology and Medical Sexology, Milan, Italy PDF

Given the notion that women have a tendency to pair bond and desire more than a physical encounter with sexual intercourse, they appear to be more motivated, generally by a desire for an attachment.

What studies have been done examining the psychological effects of casual sex on men?

Is it really fair to say that men are more inclined to benefit by casual seuxal encounters than women or is this a presumption stemming from social-stereotyping and the assumption that the testosterone enhanced drives that propel men, increase their psychological propensity to benefit from casual sex?

Can men be damaged emotionally and psychologically by casual sex, and how would this compare to the female psyche?

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I seem to remember that the situation for women has changed in recent years: in the wake of equal rights and financial independence, more women have begun to indulge in casual sex, from one night stands to sex tourism to paying gigolos. Besides that, there have always been a multitude of female nude models, porn stars, and prostitutes. A local website for amateur escorts lists around 20 locally resident female escorts in a town with a population of 50.000 women. And since these are extreme cases of sexual non-romanticism, I would assume that a large part of the rest of the women are [contd.] –  what Oct 31 '13 at 16:12
[contd.] equally "cool" and unromantic about sex or situated somewhere along a continuum from romantic to unromantic. –  what Oct 31 '13 at 16:14
@what I am citing what the researchers tell me, so it must be true! lol Care to refute in an answer??? Would love to hear.. the more diverse ideas the better... btw I am studying a double degree, one major in programming, one in philosophy :) –  user3543 Oct 31 '13 at 16:38

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