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I would like to measure peak cognitive performance in healthy individuals, for situation awareness, reaction time, visuo-spatial processing etc. I am interested in both within-subject and between-subject changes for pre-post test interventions.

There are a number of 'standardised' and 'validated' commercial test batteries that have been used in both clinical and healthy populations. Could anyone explain what is the difference between using the 'visuo-spatial processing' test module in ANAM as compared to the same module in CANTAB, PenScreen etc etc?

What is a principled way to choose which test battery module to use?

Many thanks.

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They contain different tests. For every construct, there are a multitude of tests. Each test battery includes other tests. You use test batteries if you need many of the included tests and don't want to think about the individual tests, e.g. in applicant sceening. If you do research, you select the tests you use depending on their applicability to your theory, their validity etc. You'd not use a ready-made battery, but create your own set of tests, often from unpubished tests. So the question is what you want to measure peak cognitive performance for, and then you'd read test reviews etc. –  what Oct 27 '13 at 9:31
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