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Evaluation of Visual Notification Cues for Ubiquitous Computing Peter Tarasewich, et al PDF researched the effects of notification frequency and style upon online users.

This research considers whether low-information-rate displays (such as those used in mobile devices) can provide effective information awareness.

This question addresses the impact of instant notifications on users What is the impact of showing the amount of unattended notifications to the user? and this the color of notifications What is the psychology of notification colour?.

Has there been any studies of online instant notifications, like pop ups or flags when a person is pinged within a community or receives a message or email and the individual's ability to ignore them? Is there a link with conditions such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or other conditions and an inability to ignore instant notifications and if so, what are the findings?

Are the roots of the degree to which an individual can dismiss instant notifications bound up in entirely in personal cognitive or social psychological issues or both for that individual and in what ways?

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