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While watching TV, I noticed an old TV show - particularly, George Lopez on Nick at nite - playing. This show consisted of a family doing certain things.

Of course, this can be ingrained in the person subconsciously, such as how the daughter was like "I'll prepare the silverware" and the mom was like "I'll go make the food".

The Dad said something that was rather stereotypical of a working dad/stay at home mom family. However, strangely each time the character said something, I noticed that the audience laughed as to distract the watcher from judgment.

Can laughter help a person influence another person, especially when appearing harmless (such as the tv influencing a person)?

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I also happened to notice that "laugh" when you don't feel in-sync with something. As a defense perhaps. –  Jossie Sep 29 '13 at 13:22

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