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In my answer here, to this question : Does hypnosis in any form for any type of disorder work?

It brought up the valid question of why people quit therapy. Obviously, if the therapy is not helpful, it is could be construed as a straightforward cause and effect.

People stop therapy or positive coping techniques for a vast number of reasons.

What are the the key predictive factors that cause people to succeed or fail a longer term therapy which has been giving shorter term successes for that individual?

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I would differentiate between the success of a treatment and quitting a therapy. Both are not related in my opinion. Some psychotherapeutic theories say that patients quit at the exact moment that the therapy begins to show a first effect. I'd either ask, why people quit a therapy, or, what personality characteristics predict successful treatment. Why not create two questions? I'll attempt to answer both -- though not today :-) –  what Sep 4 '13 at 12:21
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