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What are the groundbreaking works/papers/results/theories specific to Perceptual Learning within cognitive science?

One paper/theory per answer please, and state why do you find this work is important to know (and ideally, not just because it has lots of citations, or because it is taught as a Cognitive Science 101 subject).

The idea behind this question is to provide a rich resource of expert research and subsequent theory.

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The other option is just to frame it as a regular question (i.e., no one-paper per answer rule) and let someone post a single answer that is somehow comprehensive (possibly with links to further lists) and leave it as non-community wiki. That's what we've tended to do on this site. That said, I guess this will be an interesting experiment. And there is this meta post to discuss this general class of questions. –  Jeromy Anglim Sep 2 '13 at 2:56

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