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I know this is kind of a "soft question", but it isn't very easy to find a good, comprehensive brain atlas book, which would also link the different areas to their functions (according to recent work). Best would be if the book could also be used for teaching (from the very basics). Any recommendations? I would not like to pay myself sick in finding a good book. Please provide some insights why the book you recommend is better than the others available (or, if you know just one book, what did you learn from it).

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What is your goal? Do you want to be able to pick a brain area and know something about what it does, or do you want to pick a function and know what brain areas are involved? – Craig Bennett Jul 16 '13 at 20:23
If both ways are not covered, then I'd like to first pick the brain area. – lookinfor Jul 16 '13 at 20:24
Another useful place to ask this is in our reading room – Josh Gitlin Jul 17 '13 at 3:00
I'm going to be the bad guy here and say that this is probably too dependent on opinions to be worth much to future visitors. – Chuck Sherrington Jul 17 '13 at 14:52
@ChuckSherrington maybe, but the answers would provide a very nice reference list - something that is very helpful for researchers. – user3554 Jul 20 '13 at 11:54

I have a couple of reference recommendations for you, please take these with a truck load of salt as I am just an enthusiast in this field - given this, the criteria I tend to go by are - ease-to-understand and interest-factor (ie. gets me thinking) - as I do not know where you are, I am not sure of their costs for you:

Brain, Mind and the Structure of Reality (Nunez, 2010).

This book brings together neuroscience and links it to other related fields related to cognition and how we perceive the world.

Atlas of Brain Function (Orrison, 2008).

This book has a glossary as well as the details and results of imaging.

Biology of Mind (Bownds, 1999).

Even though this reference is a bit dated, it is a good starting point about brain structures and the evolution of the human brain.

Hope these are a bit helpful.

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Michael Saunders Gazzaniga, Richard B. Ivry, G. George Ronald Mangun, Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind

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