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Are there any open fMRI datasets available on the internet? Experimental design doesn't matter much, since I would be working towards a new data analysis method. If the distributed data has been preprocessed (in a standard manner), that would be a big plus.

If there isn't, I would be interested in collaborations too. However, I'm still working towards my master's degree, so I don't know how attractive possibility that is for established researchers (I have just two publications presently).

The analysis method would be related to connectivity analysis, and I would be working with it mainly during weekends and my free-time (in total, about five full days per month). Otherwise I'm busy with getting my degree. Motivation for the latter approach is simply to get new international contacts.

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The fMRI Data Center ( was one such repository. About ten years ago it was a requirement for publication in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience that you submit your full fMRI dataset to the fMRIDC. This requirement was only around for a few years, but they ended up having 120+ datasets before the grant funding ran out. The archive is currently being moved to UCLA, so at the moment you can't request any data.

An easy way to grab some data might be to get one of the SPM tutorial datasets. They have the advantage that they are either already preprocessed or there are instructions on how to preprocess the data online. They also tend to be fairly high quality, so you will have fewer issues with noise as you work on your new analysis. You can find the tutorial data here:

Finally, I think that most imaging researchers would be open to collaboration and data sharing. I worked with a grad student in the stats department for a few years on a new autocorrelation analysis that he was interested in. Just drop the researcher an email with a short proposal and see if they are receptive to the idea.

Other potential data sources:

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This might be better suited as a comment, but I'm not allowed to post such.

I went through the nice list collected by Craig Bennett: Data has been preprocessed, but there is no complete list of what has been done, and how the data has been collected. Maybe the information is hidden in the previous publications. Anyway, I would not use it for research in the current state. Datasets come in the DICOM format, i.e. straight out of the MR scanner. Seems to host only structural MR images (not functional as was requested)? Data is offered in multiple versions, but again one would need to do much preprocessing him/herself.

One more option to the list is, but like with the others, the given amount of information is very minimal.

Really, isn't there any public dataset that would be ready-to-use for single-subject and group analyses? Like the OP, I would be interested in such datasets. Such that would come with the necessary details....

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