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I was wondering if a person could be hypnotized to act drunk? That is, can a person totally lose all his inhibitions while in hypnosis (similar to being drunk)?

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Yes (video example of Derren Brown making a man drunk) with caveats:

  1. Not for every person being drunk means loosing his inhibitions
  2. You can't force people to do something they don't want to do (example by Anthony Galie)
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And is this Derren Brown reputable? – Christiaan Jun 17 at 12:18

It all depends on the person's experience and your capability of getting him/her in the drunk experience.

I have done it, and it worked well but he did not experienced every synthom. The reason for that is that I took no much time to hypnotize him, it was in a party and I took 15 minutes to hipnotize him. An interesting thing is that he had necer been drunk, I said him how it feels to be drunk and that he would learn the feeling each time he saw a drunk person. It worked very well for him.

I think that the answer for your question depends purely on the person, it is easy if you want to do something like I did, i think it would be more difficult if you want that the person to feel it more like ir really is. If it has been drunk before I think it would be really easy.

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