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The IPIP (International Personality Item Pool) website provides a copy of the IPIP representation of the NEO 30 facet form.

It also provides some information comparing IPIP NEO with official NEO. However, the information provided is incomplete for making an assessment of the psychometric properties of the test. For example, I'd like to know about: (a) how items were chosen; (b) what was the sample size and characteristics used to correlation generate the comparative information provided; and (c) what is the factor structure of the IPIP NEO.

Thus, my questions:

  • Where can I find information on how the IPIP NEO (30 facet version) was developed?
  • What studies have examined the psychometric properties of the IPIP NEO (30 facet version) both in absolute terms and relative to the official NEO?
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Did you asked the author(s)? I also tried to mimic official NEO-PI with IPIP but also couldnt find norms. I asked on faculty but they told me that norms does not exist. –  ICanFeelIt Jul 26 '13 at 13:56
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