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In contrast to affective priming, what is affective cueing? I'm not sure how to differentiate between the two.

I found a good review on affective priming in Karl Christoph Klauer (1997) in the European Review of Social Psychology, and from this I gather that affective priming simply is a priming which is targeted at emotions instead of at reactions. I did not find any definition of affective cueing so far. The best I could manage was from this question, however it does not help me at all, nor do the reference in there.

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There is no agreed-upon definition of affective cueing because it's not a proper name. If you google for "affective cueing" you only find a handful of hits and in them the term is used differently, mostly to indicate that some cue (a stimulus that carries information) is of positive versus negative valence.

In contrast, affective priming refers to a specific, experimental research paradigm:

Affective priming investigates whether the evaluation of a first stimulus, the prime, that is to be ignored, affects the processing of subsequent stimuli.

(as described in the article you found)

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