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I have been checking out various personality typing assessments lately when I came across a Personality typing system known as Socionics which aims at explaining relationships between people of different types. It's based on some of Freud's ideas, Carl Jung's Psychological Types and Anthony Kepinski's theory of Information Metabolism.

Socionics uses a mixture of all the above to create its own sound theory about human psyche for each type of person. Socionics is considerably different from MBTI and other typing systems in its approach largely due to ideas from Information Metabolism.

While digging out more about Information Metabolism theory, I have found out that it implies things like information that is exchanged between people are like inputs and outputs from our brain. Socionics theory seems to extend this concept saying "Psychological features such as attention, interests, memory and motivation are components of this theory of information metabolism", because people differ in the way they process information.

Whether our brain really has parts corresponding to information elements like that is a different question, but I first doubt the scientific reason behind the theory of Information Metabolism. It seems to be based on Freud's ideas (which seem like mere observations), but yet on the other hand speaks about parts of brain.


  • Is this theory of Information Metabolism based on Scientific grounds?

  • Are there any theories/research like Information Metabolism that has been developed or in development and is/are scientific? Does CREATES brainset model qualify to be one such in development?

  • This may seem like a tangential question, but I will ask it because it's somewhat related: Do these Information Elements, provided they really exist, influence our facial expressions and body language while we interact with others?

The last question is to check out the validity of infamous Visual Identification used in Socionics communities for typing people by looking at them.

Other links

  • Wikipedia entry about Information Metabolism. (The resources in western community about Socionics and related theories are limited because the theory is largely developed in USSR and it looks like a counterpart of MBTI over there!)
  • A wiki about Socionics which has articles about the theory.
  • An excerpt from Carl Jung's Psychological Types which has been largely used in Socionics.
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More appropriately, 'Is there a scientific basis for 'the theory of Information Metabolism'? –  Kris Aug 19 '12 at 7:36
@Kris: Not just a scientific basis, but also a reasonable explanation for the scientific basis and the development of theory that has been done. –  Forbidden Overseer Aug 20 '12 at 14:15
Here is an article about planarian worms, it is one of first experiments. I red somewhere, maybe on scientific daily about similar experiment. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planarian You have reference on scientific articles in this wikipedia entry. –  ICanFeelIt Jul 14 '13 at 12:32
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