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What's the name of this psychological test where you.

  1. Read and pronounce words in three colors (red, blue, green). - Words and colors match. - Say word and color (which are the same).

  2. As above - Words and color now do not match. Say the color. - If the word is in a circle - Then say the written name.

  3. As above - now words and colors do not match - alter (even and odd) between saying the color of the word and saying written word.

I have myself taken the test. Perhaps I remember some things wrong.

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this is the best online implementation of Stroop test I've seen – Qbik Mar 5 '13 at 21:41
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This is an experiment testing the Stroop effect, named after John Ridley Stroop who studied it in 1935, and often called a Stroop experiment. It is a classic and well understood experiment and has now become a neuropsychological test for use in clinical settings, usually called the Stroop test.

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The three levels of the Stroop test you describe are the following:

  1. Congruent stimuli
  2. Incongruent stimuli
  3. Incongruent stimuli alternated with the Reverse Stroop effect
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